Egg-cake experiment

I’m not confused. These are NOT pancakes but I think they could be tasty pancake-like breakfast food with a little tweaking, and they don’t use, say, 10 pounds of nuts, a bunch of bananas, or anything else that I wouldn’t eat in the course of a normal meal.  They hold up really well and could be spread with whatever pancake topping you like.

Heres the basic idea…they’re fluffy because I whip the egg whites separately from the yolks and fold them in later like a souffle.  This version is totally neutral, and I imagine you could season or augment them to be sweet or savory. . . say, grated sweet potato and cinnamon – zucchini – coconut flakes – coco powder – spinach. . .

3 Eggs, putting the yolks and whites in separate bowls
Beat egg whites until thick and fluffy, they should form soft peaks when the beaters are pulled out.

3 yolks from above
1/3 C Water
3 Tablespoons coconut flower
Beat until thoroughly combined and as thick as possible.

Gently fold the yolks into the whites, combining without totally deflating your egg whites.  Spoon onto a greased medium skillet to form small pancakes, cook a few minutes each side until golden and just cooked through.


Leftover Remix

Here’s today’s breakfast:

Sauté in olive oil:
Small handful mirepoix
2 big leaves swiss chard, leaves chopped coarsely, stems chopped fine

Once greens are dark green, but not cooked-to-death, add:
One turkey patty or a couple ounces of other leftover protein

Stir in and cook a minute to heat, top with:
One hard-boiled egg, chopped

Most days I need to be at work much too early, so I’ve started to set out my breakfast cooking utensils the night before so I can get food made quickly.  This usually means my cutting board, knife, spatula, bowl, and a skillet with a little oil in it.  Having veggies pre-chopped helps too.

I’m looking forward to tweaking this recipe for Roast Salmon with Thai Red Curry and Bok Choy from Epicurious this week.  My mother has made it and its fantastic, I think some very small changes will make this very paleo-friendly.