Living in the south, I tend to get my nuts & seeds fix from pecans.  This is perfect when you’re eating sweet potatoes under a magnolia tree.  In season – from the farmers’ market – pecans are to die for, but my pallet and my wallet have grown tired of them as summer approaches.  This week, I’ve re-discovered pepitas (pumpkin seeds popular in mexican cooking). They run about $6/lb at our higher-end super market and come raw or roasted & salted. They’re pretty, greenish and a little bigger than sunflower seeds.  They’re versatile and tasty too.

Before (bottom) & After Toasting

Toast them:

  • Spread a thick layer on a baking sheet, spray lightly with coconut oil cooking spray and toss.
  • Toast in the oven at 350 for 10 to 15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes, until golden.

Use them for:

  • Salads
  • Curry*(along with chopped pineapple and toasted coconut)
  • Chicken or turkey mole
  • Trail mix
  • Paleo Oatmeal*
  • Granol-ish:  Sprinkle toasted pepitas and coconut over blueberries and drizzle with coconut milk
* Modified versions of these recipes are in the works. They need some substitutions to be solidly paleo.

Try this toasty sprinkle:

Mix toasted pepitas, sunflower seeds, and unsweetened coconut with a little cinnamon and ground clove. Add a little cayanne pepper for a sweet & spicy kick if it suits you.