Raw Mirepoix

Many recipes start with a Mirepoix or mix of sauteed carrots, celery, onion and herbs. On a good week, I get ahead and chop a big, raw, mix to use throughout the week. I use it raw to add crunch to salads, or toss a little in my pan ahead of scrambled eggs or meat. Because I use most of this raw, I chop things a little finer than you might otherwise.

Chop finely:
2 parts carrot
2 parts celery
1 part onion (rinse onion in cold water in a strainer to take some of the bite out of it)
Mix together.
Add to taste:
Crushed garlic chips (I use this instead of fresh garlic because it is a little mellowed, you can get dried garlic at any of those quasi-amish food stores)
Black Pepper
White Pepper
Add to salad, eggs, soup, sauteed veggies, pot roast, pork loin, slaw, greens, or meatloaf as you see fit.

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